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Creating a company

One year after leaving Integromics, creating a new startup as my next step, it is somehow risky; I’m not so young, I have a family and in this times of crisis I would need some job security. But I have the experience. I like being able to dive into details while having the freedom to [...]

Following Matt Wood

How could I miss this guy. We used to work in opposite buildings at the Genome Campus during my EBI times, and it is now, via YouTube, Slideshare and the blogsphere that I come to meet him. You can find some of his presentations on the web. These are two I really like. Genomes on [...]

Hadoop for Bioinformatics

A great presentation by Deepak Dingh. Hadoop for Bioinformatics View more presentations from Deepak Singh.

Elsevier Grand Challenge – and the winner is…

The Elsevier Grand Challenge came yesterday to an end. An the winner is Reflect, a proposal from my ex-colleagues at EMBL, including my dear friend Evangelos, so congratulations to them. Reflect is very well conceived and perfectly implemented, people are already using it, so I think this was the main reason it was the first [...]

1st Bioinformatics Meeting in Granada

The first Bioinformatics Meeting in Granada is over. I would say it was quite interesting, and a success given ths short time it took to prepare. I hope we can repeat it in the future. I will make a more extense comment in the near future, but you can check the presentations (sorry, in spanish [...]

I Jornadas de bioinformática en Granada

Lugar: Salón de Actos del Centro de Investigación Biomédica, Campus Tecnológico de Ciencias de la Salud, Granada Hora: 9:00 a.m. Día: 15 de Abril de 2009 Andalucía cuenta actualmente con 103 empresas con actividad biotecnológica que han creado más de 2.800 empleos y generado una facturación superior a los 586 millones de euros. Asimismo, la [...]

Bioinformatics woirkshop in Granada, Spain

The 1st bioinformatics workshop in Granada will take place on April 15th.

Bioinformatics related blogs

There has been several attempts to collect a list of blogs related to bioinformatics, computational biology or chemoinformatics. At nodalpoint such a list is continuosly updated. Abhishek Tiwari also created another list with more programming oriented blogs. I have merged both lists and added some other blogs I know to create the following one: aac.translate [...]

Free software and bioinformatics

Yesterday I took part in the first Open source workshop in the Biomedical Research Center in Granada. It was a great event. About 100 researches attended, so we were quite surprised. These are the slides I used in my presentation. Free software and bioinformatics View more presentations from Alberto Labarga. (tags: bioinformatics) I talked about [...]

Elsevier Grand Challenge

The Elsevier Grand Challenge is a contest created to improve the way scientific information is communicated and used. Our living document was selected among the best ten proposals.