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Elsevier Grand Challenge

The Elsevier Grand Challenge: Knowledge Enhancement in the Life Sciences is a contest created to improve the way scientific information is communicated and used. The contest invites members of the scientific community to describe and prototype a tool to improve the interpretation and identification of meaning in (online) journals and text databases relating to the [...]

Visual Exploration of Biological Data

Current access to the biological databases is commonly done through the web. Usually, the different search interfaces present results as lists of entities that correspond to a search query, with links to both the entry and entries in related databases. In this work we offer a visual approach to navigate subsets of the searched data. [...]

Unified access to bioinformatic resources: SRS, Biomart and EB-Eye

Programmatic access to data and tools through the Web using so-called Web services has an important role in bioinformatics. In this poster we present an overview of three commonly used search and retrieval systems for biological information: EB-Eye, Biomart and SRS and present a web service built over WS-I and REST technologies that provides an [...]