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Creating a company

One year after leaving Integromics, creating a new startup as my next step, it is somehow risky; I’m not so young, I have a family and in this times of crisis I would need some job security. But I have the experience. I like being able to dive into details while having the freedom to think about the big picture. I don’t want to be a cog in the big machine, I want to look at the machine, poke at different parts of it, and help build it into something better. I’d like to try as many things as possible. Sounds like a startup to me.

But it had to be the right idea. And the right team. You don’t half-ass working at a startup, so it has to be for something I will love telling people about. Something that gets me jazzed up. Something that I can believe in, and that I can contribute to. Say hello to Experimental Serendipity.

Based on a post by Shirley Wu.


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