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This blog is about bioinformatics and computational biology, a field I have been working in for the last 8 years.

Coming from the field of telecommunication engineering, I started at university teaching and developing research in the field of biomedical engineering. Later on, my entrepreneur character and my management skills enabled me to achieve high performance level as Executive Director of a Spanish bioinformatics start-up.

After that, I accepted a 3-years contract at the European Bioinformatics Institute where I led the Service Oriented Architecture strategy of the Institute, coordinating the development of a new data and services framework, that included a revamped web site and a unified search engine. Concepts such as information architecture, user interface design, content strategy and visual design were the main drivers of our work. Also I have a major role in the introduction of new software development methodologies (agile development, continuous integration) and technologies (Web services, AJAX, Lucene).

For the last year, I served as the Chief technology Officer of Integromics, and I have just started a new entrepreneurship project, scientifik.info.